Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - Auguries & Auguries 12 Nov 2018

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's inaugural release 'Auguries & Auguries' is that of an awakening - a band taking its first sharp breaths outside the comfort of the womb.

The track trudges through the hedgerow, trampling tulips while contemplating the importance of omens and identity - the power of divine messages and how they shape us. The track sees ESOP at their most restrained and orchestral, and features the strange handmade instrument known as the Tubephone.

Armchair Committee Album Release! 15 Sep 2017

Today we unleash Armchair Committee's self-titled follow-up to 2016's Half as Gold, but Twice as Grand.

Recorded at Coach House Studios, the album starts where HAGBTAG left off.

Pay-what-you-like download / USB bottle available via Deaf Endling webstore.


Gold Phoenix! 21 Jul 2016

We're super happy to unveil the newest addition to our beloved roster, Gold Phoenix.

They'll be releasing their upcoming single, Oh So Hard with us and it sounds huge.

Available here from 8th August, 2016


New Brockley Forest Video! 21 Feb 2016

Here is Rubicon, the brand new video from Brockley Forest!
Available on their new CD EP 'The Die Has Been Cast' which you can pick up HERE. 15 Sep 2015

Deaf Endling Records is alive.

The first release we're proud to be involved in is the massive new Brockley Forest EP 'The Die Has Been Cast'

Recorded with audio-wizard Ian Davenport (Band of Skulls, Dinosaur Pile-Up etc.) at Courtyard Studios, Oxford, this EP is a slab of raw garage-rock meat that you soon be able to consume on limited edition CD and Digital Download through this very website.

Check the pre-order page HERE.

As with all beginnings, there is plenty more to come.... Just you wait.