Lespectre - Lost With You 13 Nov 2019

Lespectre - Lost With You

An almost-certain Christmas number one and anti-anthem that peers between the cracks of a doomed relationship, Lost With You is an arresting foray into Motown territory for the five-piece, who formed earlier this year. Led by Sam Winter-Quick’s insouciant bassline that’s joined soon enough by a wall of dreamy doo-wop harmonies and reverb-lavished guitars, the song has already been picked up for airplay by BBC Introducing.

“Hurry up 'cos I’m feeling like I might be worth something after all,” urges the band’s lead vocalist Tom Hackwell in the opening moments of the song, before observing drolly, “I’m borderline happy/ and that doesn’t make me happy at all.” It’s a potent example of the dreamy atmospherics and world-weary observational writing that have seen the band become one of the most talked-about in their home city of Bristol.

Now streaming via:

Available for download via the Deaf Endling Records webstore.

Saint Atlas - 'One' 03 Mar 2019

Overjoyed to announce the release of the debut EP from Saint Atlas.

This is 'One'.

Streaming on all major platforms and available for order through the Deaf Endling Records store.

Track listing:

Everything is Not Enough
Only in Reverie

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - pre-order! 01 Mar 2019

Pre-order the debut full-length release from Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - available for consumption on 15th March 2019.

Witness in the House of Pox holds a bizzaro mirror up to the world, offering back a surreal image of the unstable times we live in.

The songs are charged with Lynchian imagery and grotesque characters who rant, ramble, and repent atop an apocalyptic groove that is as tight as it is chaotic. Witness…serves up an unhinged sonic squall that spasms somewhere between post punk and art rock (via funk, industrial, world, Germanic cabaret, and breakbeat), while exploring the transgression of authority figures, the dangers of masculinity, and the decomposition of the self.

With this, their debut album, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii invite you to bear witness to a world that is sick, a world that lies beneath the topsoil of the everyday, beneath our very noses; a place beyond our peripheral vision, which is closer than we'd like to think.


Lespectre - Atmospheric dream-pop from Bristol 01 Feb 2019

We're happy to announce the release of Lespectre's debut EP, helpfully entitled 'Atmospheric dream-pop from Bristol'.

Recorded at Coach House Studio, Bristol. Written and produced by Tom Hackwell and Max Perry.

For fans of War on Drugs, Bruce Springsteen, Phosphorescent, Tom Petty.

Hand-printed CDs available from the Deaf Endling store, as well as name-your-price lossless digital downloads.

The EP is streaming on all major platforms.


Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - Auguries & Auguries 12 Nov 2018

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's inaugural release 'Auguries & Auguries' is that of an awakening - a band taking its first sharp breaths outside the comfort of the womb.

The track trudges through the hedgerow, trampling tulips while contemplating the importance of omens and identity - the power of divine messages and how they shape us. The track sees ESOP at their most restrained and orchestral, and features the strange handmade instrument known as the Tubephone.

Armchair Committee Album Release! 15 Sep 2017

Today we unleash Armchair Committee's self-titled follow-up to 2016's Half as Gold, but Twice as Grand.

Recorded at Coach House Studios, the album starts where HAGBTAG left off.

Pay-what-you-like download / USB bottle available via Deaf Endling webstore.