Armchair Committee - Half as Gold, but Twice as Grand

Deaf Endling Records and Armchair Committee and proud to present...

HALF AS GOLD, BUT TWICE AS GRAND - The debut album, released June 27th 2016.

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Recorded at Coach House Studios, Bristol with producer Brendan Davies, 'Half as Gold, but Twice as Grand' is an encompassing trip across the spectrum of the band's uncompromising and brave sound. Skirting between the raw jerky groove of 'No Socrates', to the swamp filth of 'Good Medicine Tastes Bad' to the epic slow burner of 'Roma', this is the sound of a band who are not content to rest on their laurels.

Production duties were handled by Tom Dalgety (Turbowolf, Killing Joke, Royal Blood) and Sean Genockey (Reuben, Jamie Lenman, The St Pierre Snake Invasion).

Tracklist -
01. No Socrates
02. Rawgabbit
03. Good Medicine Tastes Bad
04. Virginia Creeper
05. No One Will Ever Believe You
06. Monarch In a Townhouse
07. Domovoi
08. Thinking Again
09. Virginia Reprise
10. The Poisoning of Queen Bona
11. Roma
12. The Death of the Porter