Erotic Secrets of Pompeii - Witness in the House of Pox (2019)

Witness in the House of Pox holds a bizzaro mirror up to the world, offering back a surreal image of the unstable times we live in.

The songs are charged with Lynchian imagery and grotesque characters who rant, ramble, and repent atop an apocalyptic groove that is as tight as it is chaotic. Witness… serves up an unhinged sonic squall that spasms somewhere between post punk and art rock (via funk, industrial, world, Germanic cabaret, and breakbeat), while exploring the transgression of authority figures, the dangers of masculinity, and the decomposition of the self.

With this, their debut album, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii invite you to bear witness to a world that is sick, a world that lies beneath the topsoil of the everyday, beneath our very noses; a place beyond our peripheral vision, which is closer than we'd like to think.

Released 15th March 2019.

Track list:

1. Stab the Hunchback
2. Utterly Rudderless
3. Black Petals
4. Auguries & Auguries
5. Behold Behemoth
6. Strange Children
7. Big Daddy's in the Business
8. Terrible Fish
9. Crocodilian