Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Apocalyptic lounge act from Bristol, incorporating music, performance, and poetry into something not quite punk, not quite self-exorcism.

Winding post-punk and experimental art-rock together like two ends of a fraying rope, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's songs ring with disparate elements, from industrial to world music. The vocals descend from baritone drawl to manic yelp as quickly as the music pivots from catchy groove-based euphony to discord and angulation.

Their lyrics, full of symbols and slogans, are charged with unsettling, grotesque imagery, exploring both society and the self. Their dramatic live performances incorporate Old Testament fervour and man's earthy, obscene appetites.

Initially conceived by frontman and self-appointed Svengali/Koresh figure Thomas Hawtin in the spring of 2018, ESOP's journey has been like that of an incoming meteor hurtling towards indiscriminate decimation. Alongside Hawtin (vocals/samples/percussion), the band comprises Tom Hackwell (guitars/keys/textures), Tim Helps (drums), Sean Jones (guitar), and Mole (bass).

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii's inaugural album 'Witness in the House of Pox' was released in March 2019 - a year set too be their undoing. Stand back and watch the self-destruction, the mad flagellation...