Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest are the rock duo making all the noise in the Bristol underground music scene this year.

Since supporting international touring bands ‘Fidlar’ and ‘Honeyblood’ in their hometown and selling out their limited edition physical releases, vocalist/guitarist Dec and drummer Seb are now looking towards the rest of the UK with the release of their new EP titled ‘The Die has been Cast’.

Although the duo have been friends since the age of 11, their friendship was truly cemented after embarking on a three-month cross-country trip through America, spanning 10,000 miles and culminating in two weeks in LA where they ended up temporarily living in the Mojave desert, before returning home to the UK and forming Brockley Forest.

As their busy summer season draws to a close, playing festivals including Dot to Dot Festival, the Bristol Harbour Festival, Farmfest and the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, the band now look forward to embarking on their first UK tour this Autumn.